Accessories for digital nomad

The difference between a lambda traveler and a digital nomad is in part the material it carries. Far from being negligible in terms of weight, it is important to choose the correct equipment to find the right balance between weight – comfort – durability.

We help you by giving you the list of our complete equipment and accessories. Tested and approved for several months of intense travel, discover the best accessories of the perfect Digital Nomad!

The computer

13-inch MacBook Pro

He’s in this list, but it’s obvious. Your laptop will follow you everywhere, all the time. Choose a robust, reliable model to not be bothered in remote parts of the world. For us This is a Macbook Pro 2018 13 inches.

PRICE: $ 1,990.00

Noise reducing audio headphones

Bose QC35 2 Headphones

This is one of our best, and for good reason, we use it ALL THE TIME. In addition to being a high quality audio headset, it reduces external noise and puts you comfortably in a bubble whether you’re in the middle of a party, coworking, or a roommate a little noisy. Big plus, we make all our calls with, because it is equipped with a directional microphone. The perfect go-to

PRICE: $ 299.00

Laptop computer stand

Caring for your back and neck is essential and that’s exactly what this accessory is for. Do not neglect this “detail” is a comfort that is really not negligible, and I now have a hard time getting by. It raises your computer at eye level, simply. Very light and with a compact design.

PRICE: $ 24.00

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

Useful when your computer is elevated to continue strumming frantically on the keyboard without hurting your wrist or elbow. Take care of yourself 🙂

PRICE: $ 93.50

Unbreakable external hard disk drive

Although you’ll never get enough of backing up everything in the cloud, a hard drive is always useful. Personally, we do a TimeMachine every week, and the DDE is never in the same place as our computers. We can restore our environments in 1h of time in case of glitch. LaCie is one of the only brands to offer a truly solid and durable DDE.

PRICE: $ 90.00

Travel Organizer Bag

Storage bag for cable

Purchased en route, it’s a real pleasure. I put away all my cables, charger, hard drive, external battery, and two three papers. No more cables lying around the Daypack and getting damaged. A must-have for us.

PRICE: $ 14.10

Multi-plug usb adapter

International adapter

There are more than 6 different plugs in the world. As it is important for a digital nomad to be able to connect everywhere, you absolutely need an international adapter. Privileged a model like the one we offer, with several usb, it’s really convenient!

PRICE: $ 15.60

External battery

Anker External Battery

A little extra time is never denied. Especially when it comes to taking photos with the iphone or skype up Mt Cook in NZ 🙂

PRICE: $ 25.50

Mobile phone

Iphone X

In case you forgot … may be a good idea. All new models are suitable for the whole world so no stress compared to ca. For our part our phones are also our cameras, so it is important that they are quality. Think about the free French package, which are valid in many countries of the world;).

PRICE: $ 1,048.33

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