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Peru, how to define it? Country of contrasts, colorful, with a multicultural richness, an impressive diversity of natural resources. We have discovered a multitude of more incredible landscapes than others.

The question remains open “Is this the most diverse country in the world? “

In 3 weeks we could visit and enjoy a large part of the country starting from Lima. Preferring to take the time and promote “slow travel”, we favored the south of the country.

Things to do and see in Peru

Lima and the Barranco and Miraflores district
The Ballesta Islands, by boat
Huacachina Oasis
Rainbow mountain
Pisco Tasting
The Nazca lines
The convent of Santa Catalina
Colca Canyon
Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary
Strolling around Cusco
Rest at Lake Titicaca
Machu Picchu
The Maras salt works
The ``cuy`` at Pachapapa

Average travel costs to Peru


The accommodations in Peru are relatively good, though more expensive than in Bolivia. Exclude Lima and Aguas Calientes where you have to book a few days before we did all the internet watching. Often we pay directly on the spot by canceling the reservation Booking to avoid that the hotel has expenses.

  • On average for a simple hotel with rudimentary comfort, count $ 15.70 per night for 2 people.
  • In Lima we are more about the double, $ 33,50 per night.
  • In dormitory, count $ 5.60 for a single bed.


We eat well in Peru, even if the main ingredient remains – and will remain – rice. You are also very often served a small soup before each dish, which is rather pleasant. Donot forget to enjoy the very tasty “ceviche”, a specialty of Peruvian cuisine.

  • For a very good “Menu del dia”, count between $ 2.80 and $ 5.60.
  • For a nice restaurant, count between $ 6,70 and $ 11,20.


Traffic is like everywhere in this chaotic region of the world. As a result, you are strongly advised against any rental of a car or scooter by yourself. Taxis are present everywhere. For buses between cities, there are dozens of different companies. We have relied on Cruz del Sur for most of our trips for its reputation and comfort during night journeys. We have never been disappointed and their reputation is worthy of their services. Finally, there are the Collectivos for trips in cities. Be prepared to have a hen on your lap and a goat on the roof, but it’s cheap and very local ^^.

  • Count $ 22,50 for 9 hours of journey with Cruz del Sur
  • In Collectivo, count less than $ 1,00 for one hour of journey.
  • By taxi count about $ 1.50 for a small race in town.

Suggested daily budget 60 – 70 USD (Note: This budget is calculated on our experience. We travel to the economy, while keeping a minimum of comfort (single room). 3 weeks in tourism mode.)

Peru map tourist points

Tips for travelling to Peru

When to visit the country? We arrived in Peru just after the rainy season, around April 22nd, which allowed us not to have too many tourists on the main sites (Machu Picchu, Canyon del Colca...) and to have really favourable weather conditions.
For small corners Remember to always take change 0.50 sole, 1 sole, when you walk around you will find paying toilets everywhere... Often not glorious, but always better than in the street.
Getting around by bus For our long journeys, we used the buses of the company ``Cruz del sur``, comfortable especially for long journeys at night and on time. You will have a pillow, a very comfortable plea bar, and a small snack bar. Beware of low cost airlines, often late and much more dangerous (flight, single driver, safety, etc...)
Think about it first! Book in advance the hotels of Lima and Aguas Calientes (feasible by internet), book well in advance the train from Ollantaytambo to aguas calientes and your entry to Machu Picchu (entries are limited) take in addition, if you wish, the ascent of Huayna Picchu and/or the Mountain (montana). We strongly recommend the latter.


Nous voyageons toute l'année avec, voici nos accessoires essentiels.

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