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The little paradise is aptly named. Bali is both the temple of zen attitude, the den of Digital Nomads, and the venue for all Australian parties. In short, a paradox we loved, both to work and to travel. Very popular with tourists, you will not be alone, but the island is vast and the world does not interfere.
Surfing, chill, cocktail, yoga, and beach parties are part of the Balinese experience.

We stayed for 3 months and were able to travel a large part of the island.

Things to do and see in Bali

Take surf lessons
Working at the Bali Dojo
Diving in Lambogan
Walking in the rice fields
Chill at Bingin Beach
Doing yoga
Admire the monkeys in Ubud
Visit the GWK Cultural park
Fish market in Jimbaran
Cross the sea to discover Tanah Lot
Drink fresh coconut
Getting a massage
Sunset in Uluwatu
Climb the temple Lempuyang

Average travel costs to Bali


Bali is a very well-honed country for holiday tourists as well as for digital nomads wishing to stay longer. The hotel offering is very good and there are guesthouses with unbeatable value for money.

  • Dormitory (quite rare): $ 6.70 – $ 9.00
  • Guesthouse: $ 11.00
  • Nice hotel with swimming pool: $ 13.00 – $ 17.50
  • Chic hotel: $ 22.00 – $ 31.00


Very international, Bali offers as much Indonesian food as Italian pizzas and burgers. Stay away from the tourist streets and you will be able to find some very nice and really cheap street side “restaurants”. Big trend Vegan and healthy come straight from Australia.

  • Street vendor: $ 1.00 – $ 1.50
  • Basic restaurant: $ 2.50 – $ 3,50 the dish
  • MacDo: $ 4.00 the menu
  • Chic restaurant: $ 4.50 – $ 6.00
  • Bintang beer 650ml: 2.80


If you stay more than a week, you will be almost obliged to rent a scooter. For the rest, taxis make the law. Sometimes oppressive war between GoJek and Graab (App similar to Uber and much cheaper than “official” taxis) and Taxis. If GoJek can not pickup you in your area, avoid “official” taxis at all costs and prefer blue taxis that are more inclined to negotiate. For long trips, there are no public buses. You will need to hire a private driver (to see live or with the excursion or your hotel).

  • Scooter rental: $ 4.80 (possibility to negotiate $ 3.30 simply, and even more if you take more than one month)
  • Taxi: $ 1.00 for 4km (with GoJek)

Suggested daily budget 27 and 39 USD / person (Note: This budget is calculated on our experience. We travel to the economy, while keeping a minimum of comfort (single room). 3 months in Digital Nomad mode )

Bali map tourist points

Tips for travelling to Bali

Scooter for everyone! You will soon realize that to travel around Bali, you will need to rent a scooter. It's scary at first, but you get the hang of it quickly and finally you even get the taste. Just be careful, and follow the stream of scooters in front of you. There are not too many rules except for the horn:). Take a few short trips to a quieter area to get started.
Diving in Bali Bali is certainly the best place to dive. Unbeatable price/quality ratio. There are beautiful spots and the centres are for many excellent quality. Many French centres, ideal for passing your levels.
Accommodation in Bali The guesthouse is the most economical way to stay. Individual accommodation, and shared kitchen, you can find some very nice ones everywhere. Do not book on Booking but come directly to us, you will get much better prices.
Applications not to be missed Graab and GoJek are two apps to have absolutely before going to Bali. Taxi service at the Uber, Motorcycle taxi, meal delivery, hairdresser at home, laundry... in short you can do just about anything with these two jewels. In addition, the price of taxis via the app is much cheaper than local taxis.


We travel all year round with them, here are our essential accessories.

Digital nomad in Bali

Bali is certainly one of the places in the world most suited to digital nomads. Internet, infrastructure, environment, everything is there for you to feel good. If you want to go to work and meet people, then do not hesitate. The other side of the coin is that prices are starting to go up and tourists are flocking en masse (with all the environmental problems involved). We advise you to take a look at our articles on Digital Nomad’s life in Bali.

Regarding the network coverage in Bali, she is at the top. Excellent almost everywhere, you can download all your favorite series in 4G lte without problem. The cost is around $ 6.70 for 13,5Gb. However, beware, a SIM card is only valid for one region. If you move regularly, you will have to either invest in a “global” recharge or recharge in each new zone. Ask the seller of the shop.


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