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The life of digital nomad is often dreaming at first glance. The question that comes up regularly when we talk about our experience of workers around the world is often the same: How do you make money while traveling?
The answer is often the same: We work ???? And here is how you too can work while traveling around the world.


It seems important to me to define the term “Digital Nomad”. At least, give you my version, which in my opinion, best defines this term.

NO, Digital Nomad is not a job! We start hearing people answer the question “And if not, what are you working on?” By “I am Digital Nomade and you? “. That doesn’t make any sense. It is like saying, “I am vegetarian” or “I am a traveler”. That’s what you are, not what you do.

Digital nomad is a way of life, coupled with an activity that uses digital to allow remote work. The perfect definition would be this one:



With all the existing collaborative and communication tools, it has become extremely easy to work remotely (an exhaustive list is coming soon ????#teasing). A good dose of organization, a good computer (Apple ????), and an internet connection.


Hubud Cowoking

You would be surprised to see the diversity of the different trades of the people we meet here! So of course, there are the “classics”, there are the rarest ones, and there are those whose existence you would not even have imagined.

90% of the time the digital nomads belong to one of these 3 categories:

Freelancers : These are the ones who work like Morgane and me on their own.
Entrepreneurs : Many of the people we meet on our trip are entrepreneurs or are preparing to become entrepreneurs. The nomadic digital lifestyle can quite fit this type of profile, whether you are alone or in a team.
Teleworkers : Hired in a box, they continue their activities, but at a distance. More and more boxes are opening to this mode of operation. Why not ask your boss if you want to become a digital nomad? You might be surprised at the answer …

Anyway, the most obvious professions to become a digital nomad are:

  • Web Designer and Print
  • UX / UI Designer
  • Web developer, mobile.
  • Author
  • Digital Marketer
  • Google Advertising Expert Facebook …
  • SEO Consultant
  • Blogger
  • Translator, transcriptionist
  • Community manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Expert in cryptocurrency

These are trades that are initially related to digital and already have most of the automation required for remote work. The list is obviously not exhaustive, but it simply allows you to get an idea.

Then you have digital nomads who work in sectors less “digital native”:

  • Psychologist
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Trader
  • Voice-Over
  • Coach (We even met a Sports Coach ????)
  • Recruiter
  • Cartoonist
  • Movie Maker
  • Architect
  • Teacher


My legendary optimism pushes me to answer YES, but the reality is NO.

After having passed the idea that the life of digital nomad is a dream, we quickly realize that it also has many problems and challenges. You have to be ready to live far from your loved ones, to have more superficial or at least shorter relationships, to be able to self-organize and to be always rigorous, etc.

In short, you will understand, living as a digital nomad is neither a chance nor a life all pink with unicorns and glitter everywhere. It is above all a choice.

We are preparing an article that will surely help you in this decision. And if you still doubt, do not hesitate to ask us your questions in comment, we will be happy to help you ????


There are many blogs like ours where you can read the experiences of those who have become digital nomads. It helped us a lot to get started, to better understand what was going to happen to us, to make certain choices or to avoid certain mistakes. Just keep in mind that everyone has a different experience and blogs are just the image bloggers want to send back to you.
Here are some blogs that we like:

You can also visit the Nomad List site which is really interesting, and which lists the best places to work abroad. There are many criteria such as the cost of living, the quality of wifi, the availability of Coworking etc … A site to see absolutely before leaving!

Finally, if you like podcasts, there are some very good ones that deal with many topics around nomadism.


I think it is important to agree with the following sentences. I share it with you, because for my part, my daily lives around this a lot.

  • Love to discover the unknown (Places, Methods of work, people ..)
  • Learning from Other Programs
  • Agree to be away from family and friends and miss important occasions (Christmas, birthdays, weddings, births etc …)
  • Accept solitude.
  • Do not be afraid of uncertainty.
  • Know how to travel light
  • Agree to speak English
  • Be comfortable with digital tools


Still wondering if it’s really possible? If it’s not just for “others”? If finally it’s not just an ephemeral parenthesis?

I can only tell you that today for me, I live a fabulous experience. I am happy, fulfilled, and I get up every morning with a smile and tell myself that I have an incredible chance to be able to live all that.
Work has never been so pleasant, and the desire to move forward never so strong. We feel strong and extremely vulnerable at the same time. Amazed in front of all his cultures and impressed by all his differences that surround us.
You will understand, become digital nomad for me is a real pleasure of every moment with its difficulties but especially all its moments of happiness.

And when do you become Digital Nomad?


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