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For too long cataloged as a dangerous and inaccessible country, Colombia today has all the assets to seduce the travelers who will stop there. This is probably the most surprising country we have ever done. Far from the clichés of Pablo Escobar, Colombia is full of thousands of fabulous treasures, ultra-friendly inhabitants, colors everywhere and of course, music in every street. After experiencing hell, Colombia is to this day a country where the joy of living exceeds the understanding and where nature has always kept its rights.

2 months in Colombia, discover with us nature, beach, indigenous peoples, mountains, cities, cultures, coffee and many other things. Colombia is a destination not to be missed!

Things to do and see in Colombia

Visit to Medellín, comuna 13
Chilling in Taganga
Meet the indigenous community
Browse the Amazon
The Coffee Valley (Cocora)
Snorkelling on the Caribbean coast
Take a trip to Bogota
The colourful alleys of Guatapé
Cartagena the colonial and Getsemani
Tayrona National Park
Dancing salsa
Eating arepas
Beacher in Palomino

Average travel costs in Colombia


Colombia is not one of the cheapest countries in Latin America. Especially when targeting the bottom of the basket, we often fall on rooms “closet” (4 walls and a bed, without window). Whenever possible, ask to see the room before booking. For fans of the dormitory, Colombia offers good compromises.

  • Dormitory room 1 bed: $ 6.70 – $ 9.00
  • Entry level apartment, double room: $ 17.00
  • More nice accommodation, with private bath: $ 27,90 – $ 39.00
  • Ecolodge and tourist accommodation: $ 50.00 – $ 56.00


From the street vendor to the rather chic little restaurant, there is something for everyone (and every budget). We eat quite well in Colombia and are the kings of the “Menu del dià” which includes most of the time, a soup, a dish made of meat, salad, rice and lemonade.

  • An arepa in the street: $ 0.25 – $ 0.70
  • A “menu del dia” in a basic restaurant: $ 4.00
  • Pizza: $ 5.50
  • Dish in a more chic restaurant: $ 9.00 – $ 13.00
  • Bottle of wine: $ 16.70 – $ 22.30


Colombia is quite good in terms of transportation. The roads are relatively good and the companies are not lacking. There are still the drivers, who take far too often the road for a rally track. Rest assured, it’s happening (almost) always good. Remember to ask for the fare before the race.

  • Bus: $ 13.50 for 8h bus
  • Urban taxi: $ 1.50
  • Airplane (internal flights): 67.00 – 90.00

Suggested daily budget 42 and 53 USD / person (Note: This budget is calculated on our experience. We travel to the economy, while keeping a minimum of comfort (single room). 2 months in digital nomadic mode.)

Map of Colombia tourist points

Tips for travelling to Colombia

A little taxi ride? Taking a taxi in Colombia is very convenient. However, beware of scams, drivers do not always put the meter on and make you pay a high price on arrival. Always ask the price before going up.
Exit Pablo Pablo Escobar is really not a good memory for Colombians and far from being the focus of interest in the country. Don't do the ``Pablo Escobar`` tricks or anything related to it. In this way, you will help the country to forget and move forward. Moreover, it is really frowned upon by Colombians.
Volunteering Volunteering in Colombia is very, very, very, very widespread and is an excellent solution for cheap travel. You can stay free in a hotel, learn permaculture on a farm, or go kite surfing for free in exchange for a few hours of work a day. In short, think about it;) and
Hablas español ? Strengthen your Spanish! Colombians speak very little English and also don't like it when you don't make the effort... At least learn the basics to start a conversation and be polite:) In addition, for the French, learning is very easy (at the beginning).


We travel all year round with them, here are our essential accessories.

Digital nomad in Colombie

We are convinced that Colombia will be the future Eldorado of the Digital Nomad within 1 or 2 years, everything lends itself to welcome us as best as possible. Quality coworkings, adapted infrastructures, dream landscapes, tourist districts, in short a small Bali with Caribbean sauce. Of course to this day, it is still a bit empty out of season out of the big cities (Medellin and Bogota), but we still find some nice initiatives. Internet in all hotels, good network coverage, Mac Center store everywhere, you can easily work in good conditions.

Small flat, think about doing all your computer and other purchases before Colombia. Even though Amazon delivers here, taxes and fees are very high, making shopping complicated.


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