Readers, readers, passing visitors, bots …

  • You will not find management theories in this blog …
  • You will not read tips and tricks to help personal development …
  • You will not have a benchmark of pros and cons on: “Go around the world” …
  • You will not hear verses on Tibetan philosophy …

Nevertheless, you will read testimonials, our experiences, our discoveries and certainly our difficulties. You will be able to confront your ideas, take them and share them.

We are two

Two digital nomads, determined to explore the world while living our passion. We think that if you are here today, if you read these lines, it is because you are intimately convinced that you are the master of your destiny (or that you want to be).

Do you have an inquiring mind?

“The advice and the readings are only the oxygen which makes go up and bubble the bubbles of your thoughts, and which forges your decision. “

If you are curious to discover how we have become digital nomads, you can read the first articles that tell our paths (and they are very different, just like yours ^^).

Nicolas > You will be a business manager my son: and if you could have a third life at 28!

Morgane > From a management career to a vagrant life

The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.

Wallace Stevens

Journey around the world with indefinite duration

We have no limit, time does not have the same measure and our obligations have changed since our change of life. We are traveling today, we will probably return tomorrow and we may leave tomorrow. All these steps are part of our trip.

We try through this blog to transmit a piece of this freedom that drives us every day.

Slide Seeing the world with your eyes is a thousand times better than any dream.


We travel all year round with them, here are our essential accessories.