Accessoires de voyage

If you’re like me, and just like leaving, you want to buy all the survival gadgets out there, watch all of Mike Horn’s replay shows, or take intense survival classes, I strongly advise you to read this article ???? You will see, we can still have fun with accessories round the world ????

There are plenty of small storage pockets in the backpacks and at first we wonder why … Now we know.

All items in this list serve us daily. We offer links to the exact articles we use, but you are free to choose :).

TSA padlocks

Whether to protect the contents of your luggage during transit or to tie your bags to the hostel during the day, they will serve you absolutely all the time. We advise you to take at least two + a small wire rope with to tie several bags together for example.

PRICE: $ 15.60

Multi-plug usb adapter

International adapter

There are more than 6 different plugs in the world. As it is important for a digital nomad to be able to connect everywhere, you absolutely need an international adapter. Privileged a model like the one we offer, with several usb, it’s really convenient!

PRICE: $ 15.60

Bluetooth portable speaker

Portable Jbl speaker

On the beach, in the shower, with the boyfriend, the music accompanies us everywhere, and traveling too. Choose a compact, lightweight and solid model. The JBL is a perfect compromise for us and in addition relatively powerful.

PRICE: $ 55.70

LED headlamp

Energizer headlamp

A frontal is preferred over a conventional flashlight. Much more practical to cook behind the van or to cross a cave …. hands free!

PRICE: $ 16.50

External battery

Anker External Battery

A little extra time is never denied. Especially when it comes to taking photos with the iphone or skype up Mt Cook in NZ 🙂

PRICE: $ 25.50

Filter flask

Lifestraw filter bottle

It may be the accessory that serves us the most. Rather than buying water bottles do you want it here, prefer the filtering gourd! Safe at 99.99%, you’ll save money and make a big difference for our planet. Tip: Avoid sub-brands.

PRICE: $ 38.99

Portable Laundry Bag

Traveler washing machine

I admit I thought it was useless at first … But you will not find “Landry” everywhere, and sometimes it really helps! We put it in the list because today, we can do without it.

PRICE: $ 53.30

Ultra-lightweight foldable backpack

Ultra compact and lightweight backpack

At the beach or in a small trek, you can slip your stuff for the day without worry. For a derisory weight, it is an accessory to have absolutely with oneself. The 20L model from Decathlon is our favorite 🙂

Price: $ 11.00

Ultra-light microfibre towel

Microfibre towel

The towel is often an option in Motels or hostels, so it would be a shame not to have one under the elbow. Same for the yoga session. Light, it dries quickly and in addition it is pleasant to touch.

PRICE: $ 26.45

Silk sleep bag

Silk bed sheet

You can use it in hostels not very clean, of course, but also in night buses, domestic flights, hammocks, etc. In short, the opportunities are not lacking and that’s why we love it. Silk has the advantage of being pleasant, warm, and light.

PRICE: $ 22.00

Storage bag

NEWFEEL storage bag

It’s simple, but so practical! Rather than pulling out all our bags at each new installation, we each have a business case, a cover for underwear, and a last one for shoes. PER-FECT!

Price: $ 11.00

To discover all the accessories of the perfect Digital Nomad, it is here => The accessories of the perfect Digital Nomad

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