Starting a Digital Nomad experience can sometimes be scary. No more frames, no geographical connections and remote professional relations. In these conditions, finding a place to share and exchange in a pleasant climate is a good way to start the adventure. It’s the coworking style. More and more common in France, it is obvious abroad. Although digital nomads are able to work truly everywhere: on the plane, in the lobby of a hotel, in a bar, on the train etc …

And we could not have fallen better than here.

The dojo in Bali is the obligatory passage to start well in digital nomad!

Well before going around the world, Nicolas had spotted this coworking. It’s simple, when you look at the rankings of the best coworking in the world on the excellent Nomadlist site, 3 are in Bali and the Canggu Dojo is regularly first!

Beyond the Feng Chui atmosphere, local decor and delicious Nalu Bowls (delicious and healthy bowls based on seeds, cereals, fruits and yogurt), we feel that the designer of this place is a true customer success manager .


Mickaël Craig, CEO of a digital agency in Australia, his country of origin, decided to create this coworking just 4 years ago.

The focus n ° 1 of the investments that were made concerned obviously: the INTERNET CONNECTION. And for Bali, it is a real challenge. It took no less than 6 months to build the technical infrastructure but today the Dojo can boast of having 3 internet arrivals and the best flow of the island.

Dojo Bali high speed wifi test


One of the success factors of the Dojo undoubtedly lies in its program of welcoming newcomers.

  • On arrival, a smiling and relaxed team welcomes you
  • the coworking space visit is made by one of the members of the team
  • You choose the offer and pricing that interest you: access on time or unlimited.
  • Everything is dematerialized, you receive your invoice of course by email
  • Then you just have to choose among the different spaces, no place is allocated
  • On the Tuesday of your arrival, a two-hour meeting is dedicated to new members. She talks about the history of the Dojo but also good practices on the island (like safety on scooters, how to avoid a scam at the CB at the local distributor and animals that you can cross in the neighborhood).
  • The rules of life are recalled: the respect of the team Dojo and other members.
  • A whole program of partners exists and you have a QR code that allows you to benefit from promotions: at the restaurant, at the local bar, for Yoga classes, surfing and many others.
  • events take place every day. Rather pros: meet up to develop, minstermind. Or rather relaxation: lunch members, barbecue, beer and beach, football hall. They are sometimes open to the public.
  • A closed facebook group makes it possible to have information quickly and of quality.
  • Finally, a table is available at the entrance to highlight the trade in services : WHAT WE NEED, WHAT WE CAN SHARE with the community.


Another big highlight of the Dojo: the events! You have between one and two a day (427 last year!), And frankly, for having done a lot in France (Nico), they are really qualified and very diverse.

In 1 month at Dojo, we have already seen:
– Meetups: Watch out for the regulars of FR Meetups, here it is very different. It’s in small groups (rarely more than 10) and based on exchange and experience. The announcer serves as an Facilitator while sharing his experience.
– Masterminds: that’s genius. You arrive with your business idea, a problem that you have, an object to test etc … And for a given time, those who want find solutions, make comments, help you to move forward or offer alternatives.
– Courses: whether for dance, local language (Bahassa), or yoga, courses are rarely oriented tech or business.
– Stories: lots of inspiring people come here to pitch their story, their story, or anything else that might be of interest to the community.

– “Toastmaster Dojo”: to teach you how to pitch TedX (In English of course ????)
– Networking: it allows you to know a little better coworkers and find the right people when you need (and conversely for you).
– More fun events: barbecues, parties, foot, beer, surf, Balinese life.

In short there is something for all tastes, all trades, and all desires.

It’s Haren the boss of Events! You can not miss it .. It’s the guy who imposes, who always has the smile, in a good mood, and who comes behind you to scare you (he loves it and it makes him laugh a lot ????).


The organization and communication are clear and really helpful, especially on arrival. Then during our daily visits, what particularly marked us is the state of mind and the calm that reigns in this place.

Each respects the other mutually, whether for noise or material. Spaces are reserved to be quiet and the space around the pool is useful for making phone calls with your feet in the water, or a nap in an ottoman.

The members exchange with each other and help each other with kindness (on a blog for example to solve a technical problem)


The Dojo offers a remote job platform that can be useful for finding opportunities.

Otherwise, people come quickly to talk to you when you are alone. By identifying the skills of each and the sector in which he works, one can easily imagine the needs he may have. However, coworking members are often experienced digital nomads whose business is running well and with a good address book already.

People approach you less when you are in a relationship. We have tried several times to work each one in our corner, and each time, it is a new meeting that is created.

Do not imagine starting your business with people here. 90% are already full and master their business perfectly. On the other hand no problem to ask for help or advice ????

All info on the Bali Dojo can be found here


The icing on the cake is that the coworking is 200 m from Echo Beach a trendy place where the sunsets are splendid.

The Bali Dojo is located in the Canggu district, on the south west of the island and between Denpasar and Legian. It is on the extension of Kuta Beach and Seminyak, but the atmosphere is completely different.

Here is the neighborhood of surfers, organic cafes and discolored Australian bobos. That’s for the stereotype. Canggu is above all a cosmopolitan, hyper-dynamic neighborhood with designer shops, surfing and good places to snack on. To be closer to the local life we live 20 minutes from the Dojo to the north by going to Dalung. It’s more popular but the guest houses are real havens of peace.


There are still a few things that have marked us, without much gravity of course.

First the price of meals / snack / drink from here. As DN and traveler, we are not close to our pennies, but we are forced to pay attention. And the delta between the map of the dojo and the little Warung of the corner is triple.

Then there is English. Here, everyone speaks PERFECTLY English :). Whether in events, between co-workers or with the staff the level is excellent. Get ready, because for us who do not have a horrible level (we manage, we make ourselves understood etc ..), here it goes … very quickly ????The good thing is that nobody judges you and nobody closes the conversation because you said “Waze” rather than “Wave” ???? #Nico

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