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Our favorite for the trip! Certainly the most authentic country we have done. After experiencing the war (there are still areas of conflict), and a sad story that is not over, Burma opened its doors to tourism in 2016. You can then discover beautiful landscapes between Bagan pagodas, floating villages on Inle Lake, or exchange with Buddhist monks. The wealth of this country is fabulous and still untouched by mass tourism.

Discover Myanmar, the country we loved so much and visited for 3 weeks.

Things to do and see in Burma

Walking in the crowded streets of Rangoon
Taking a TukTuk bike
The sparkling Shwedagon Pagoda
Immerse yourself in Buddhist culture
Take the train
Jade Market in Mandalay
Share with the monks in Amarapura
Learn how to weave
Playing Indiana Jones on an electric scooter in Bagan
Sunrise in Bagan
Strolling on the bridge of U Bein
Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake
Boat trip on Inle Lake
Faire Noël en Birmanie

Average travel costs to Burma


Accommodations in Burma are not yet at the top of the top. Infrastructures of yesteryear and prices rising due to the upsurge in tourism, Myanmar does not yet have a very good hotel offer. In basic hotels, hot water is not always guaranteed, regular power cuts, and poor quality wifi (this last point is found throughout the country). Always breakfast included.

  • Dormitory (uncommon): $ 5.50 – $ 9.00
  • Very basic room with shared bathroom: $ 11.00 – $ 15.50
  • Nicest hotel with private bath: $ 15.50 – $ 22.30
  • Chic: $ 33.43 and more


A lot of little bugs and some nice restaurants, Myanmar is one of those countries where it is much cheaper to be served than to cook. The food is very very affordable if you go out a little tourist places.

  • On the run: less than $ 2
  • Neighborhood restaurant: $ 2.80 – $ 4.50
  • Nice restaurant: $ 5.50 – $ 7.80


Beyond the fact that transport in Burma are not really cheap, it is rather nice to try a few fantasies, such as the Tuk Tuk bike for example. For long bus trips, Asian music and air conditioning, are obviously great classics. Plan what to cover you 😉

  • Bus Yangon-Bagan: $ 11.10 – $ 16.70
  • Taxi: less than $ 1 in town (all types)

Suggested daily budget 28 and 40 USD / person (Note: This budget is calculated on our experience. We travel to the economy, while keeping a minimum of comfort (single room). 3 weeks in tourism mode. )

Map Myanmar tourist attractions

Tips for travelling to Burma

A little cooking class? The Burmese cooking class: an activity that we really enjoyed and that doesn't cost much. A very friendly and warm moment when you will learn to cook the best ingredients of the country without more equipment than a saucepan and a knife. Very often, you will be able to taste your preparations at the end.
Can we travel safely? Despite a visible armed presence and conflicts still existing around the borders, security in Burma is frankly not a problem. We have never felt insecure. Respect the basic rules and do not go out alone in areas that are not recommended (mainly at borders). Ask the locals for advice if you are not sure.
Watch out for tattoos! If you proudly wear a Buddha tattoo or one related to the Buddhist religion, hide it to travel to Burma. If anyone sees you with it, you will at best be sent back to your country, at worst sent to prison... For the country it is an unbearable slander.
Visit places of worship The golden rule in Burma (and in all other developing countries) is NEVER give anything to children, beggar or not. Whether it is a small candy, pencils, a souvenir of your country or worse, money, you would then participate in the school dropout of these children and the development of bad tourism. A child receiving a gift will find it more interesting to visit tourists (for interest) than to go to school.</p> <p>Translated with


Nous voyageons toute l'année avec, voici nos accessoires essentiels.

Digital nomad in Birmanie

Burma for digital nomad is a bit like Greenland for the Marseillais: impossible! It may be the most significant country of our trip, it is strongly recommended for Digital Nomads. No coworking in the country. The Burmese do not know what this way of life is. The wifi is really not good and very unstable except rare exception.

Only positive point, the mobile network is not too bad. You will need to buy a SIM in a phone shop and you can then recharge it everywhere. It’s simple and it works better than wifi. On the other hand, if you are big consumer, it can represent a small cost. Count around $ 1.00 for 1Gb package.


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