Toilet bag for travelling

Yes, quite, it deserves an article :). Important source of weight, the toiletry kit is to think intelligently and thoroughly. Between bonds, necessity, and superfluous, it is sometimes difficult to make choices.

Fortunately, there are lots of tips to leave just, yet must we agree to change some habits ^^

Choosing the right toilet bag

First of all, it is important to choose your toiletries. Hard to imagine leaving with his vanity, but also complicated to think of traveling with only his toothbrush.
We each have our toiletries and they are very different.

For Him

The North Face Men's Travel Toiletry Kit

I chose The NorthFace Toilet Kit because it offered me a number of benefits. First, its round shape can fill it without loss of space. I also wanted a sturdy and “waterproof” toilet bag in case something went inside. Finally an important criterion: the small hook. It sounds simple, but it is devilishly useful to wash in campsites, small hotels or hostels. In short, today I am fully satisfied, and it has not changed despite all our travels.

For Her

Decathlon Toiletry Kit

Purchased at the last minute, I chose a travel toiletries kit from Decathlon (Newfeel). In hindsight, I certainly would not do it again this choice, because it is a bit too big, and gently invites me to fill always more … However, his compartmentalized side is very useful as are his nets to see at a glance where his belongings are. Moreover it is not extensively resistant, and it is stripped in several places. My advice would still be to favor a smaller kit to force you to take less :).

What to put in your toilet bag to go?

Perfume or not? And my hairbrush, and the one with a beard? I can at least take my gel …. right?

We do not hide that you will have to make some compromises to avoid overloading yourself. Of course, you are free to take more, or less, but in any case the list that follows will correspond very well and we are more than enough. You will then be given some tips to fill the gaps: D.

For Her

  • Alum stone (to replace the deodorant)
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • epilation forceps
  • small fresh wipes (not very ecological but it helps)
  • ergonomic brush
  • labello anti UV
  • minimalist makeup (rimel, pencil)
  • hair elastics (invisible from Sephora)
  • hair removing device
  • Cup
  • multi-purpose soap (Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap Bar Soap 140 g * pack of 3, $ 6.99, organic and used as laundry, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel)
  • coconut oil
  • mosquito repellent – mark INSECT SCREEN (it must be observed that the rate of DEET is raised to 50% – it is the active ingredient) $ 9.50
  • sun cream index 50
  • Antiseptic gel for hands

For Him

  • alum stone
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • Nivea moisturizer
  • comb
  • epilation forceps
  • Beard Brush/Comb
  • trimmer
  • multi-purpose soap

How to find a little comfort when travelling?

Well, let’s say it clearly. Even if (and I promise you that’s true), not to perfume every day, or not to have the latest fashionable deodorant that smells good and who …. well, you see what, do not really bother us, there are still occasions where we want to make up, make beautiful, and feel good for us and for him / her. Here are some important tips:

The deodorant:

The alum stone is really great. We have the same since the beginning of our trip and I think it will hold until the end. It prevents sweating, and greatly reduces odors. However it does not smell at all like most deo in the trade.

Solution: Put on the end of the stone a few drops of essential oils (natural of course). With two or three drops, the perfume impregnates for several days. Pierre d’alum + Huile essentielle = Déodorant trop bien pour tout le voyage


If there is one thing that distinguishes a banal day from another, it is when the perfume intoxicates our mutual senses and we find the smell of this sweet sensation that everyone knows. Except that on trip => no perfume.

Solution: A shopping center and it’s won. Go to the perfume shop closest to you and “test” your favorite perfume, then finally, decided not to buy anything (it’s the hardest). You come out fragrant and beautiful. There are perfumeries everywhere.

It’s nice to wear makeup a little more than the minimum of everyday (ie: nothing). But traveling is a luxury that is not allowed.

Solution: See the perfume just above: D.

Do not take it before leaving !! Really believe us, it’s useless. It is surely one of the only things that you can find absolutely everywhere and very often for cheap.

Solution: A good way to change regularly (do not throw, give;)), or to have fun at a lower cost. Earring, bracelet, necklace … There is something for everyone everywhere, even in the most remote villages in Burma. This is valid for women and men.

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