It was when I realized that my day was starting when my work ended that I decided to change my life.

Here’s why:

When we’re not done for school

To locate you a little, but without spreading too much on my life, at 12 I was a young man full of energy who was already struggling with the so-called ” standard ” institutions. My parents had offered me (wanting to do well) a Catho college. At 15 and despite fairly satisfactory results, I decided with the faculty, my parents and me to pass in 3rd techno. I then did an electronic BEP, a Pro audiovisual bin where I became intermittent from the show and mounted an event box with a friend. I then did a BTS technico-commercial, and finally a license of Management specialized in the large distribution.

The great distribution, or the School of life

Hired by Castorama as Manager, I made my weapons there for two and a half years. Two and a half years to manage teams, to be challenged by the figures, motivated by the gain, and determined by the prospects of evolution.

The big distribution was a very important time of my life. I was able to make a state of the objective and realistic places of values and working conditions in this type of society. I certainly do not denigrate the great distribution or the disadvisement. Also, note that the operation is not everywhere the same. I learned a lot of things in a short time. In addition, it is an area that offers, to whoever wants, interesting and rapid hierarchical evolutionary perspectives! Yet it must be wanted…

Young and still in the classic scheme of a tidy life my vision was well established. I saw in the large distribution, the possibility of taking responsibility quickly. But also to earn decently my life, and to secure my future which seemed all traced. It was nothing!

Change of Life is now

Two and a half years later, I decided to leave Castorama to set up my own start-up. The end of the beginning and the beginning of the change.

A little over two years, working hand in hand with a partner and an employee to go up and run the concept. A website selling clothing brand opportunities. Two years working with our values, our methods, our successes and our failures. We all worked on average between 10 and 15 hours a day. Sometimes on weekends, often late at night, and to win, in all on the two years, less than €5000 to the two of us (with my partner).
Hard observation would tell me you… Well, not at all! I have never taken so much pleasure in going to work. I learned thousands of things, met hundreds of people and made dozens of mistakes. Errors of which I learned a lot. I laughed, cried, drank, sang short, for the first time, my life began when I woke up in the morning and ended in the evening when I lay down.

We always say that the third house we buy is the right

Is it the same for companies?
I’ve met the harsh reality of the market. A use yet quivering but a little mature market. A business model to rethink and the famous “pivot” that a start’up must quickly take sometimes to prosper.

After the liquidation and a quick stint at Kiabi as manager I decided to change. It was no longer conceivable to resume a life where personal life and professional life were quite distinct and could not coexist.

I decided to change my life and reconvert to become a web developer.
Goal achieved, I am now developer and become digital nomad around the world. I travel to continue to learn and discover new people. To find new ways to work, and to discover the world and achieve one of my goals.

Create an international self-directed team, composed exclusively of freelancers from all over the world, respecting the values of each and every one can be oneself.

Finally, today I am happy and fulfilled, optimistic and hopeful, dreamy and in love, and believe me, I will do everything to remain 🤩. Now if you also want to change your life, know that it is not impossible. Just believing in it is already a big step forward.

Good Luck!

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