The music accompanies us everywhere and embellishes each of the highlights of the journey. We wanted to share our Top 10 songs that embody our life of Digital Nomad and our moments of emotion!

1. The departure

It’s the moment of joy and excitement. We’ve been thinking, the bag’s locked. Ready for takeoff! Jacky & Ben-J des Negro ‘ marrons-the balance sheet

2. Arrival

The sun, the euphoria… to vibrate on a sound pep between tropics and percussions with EHRLING Adventure.

3. The slack

Little Melancholy moment when you think of family, buddies when it rains… or at the edge of a beach with the sunset… Pixies Where is My mind

4. Studious at work

Music that can be listened to endlessly without being distracted but with a smile. Let yourself be lulled by LAMBIST Love song.

5. Like a party craving

End of the day, we listen to this little sound and we have the knees that starts to rhythm and the head that sways. PURPLE DISCO MACHINE Devil in Me

6. Oh heck… a mic at 3:00 in the morning

And yes after the desire to party, there is drift ^^ and when you are with buddies in Asia and a micro troll (or not for that matter), it is of course to sing Céline Dion to kill head.

6. In the morning shower

The little sound that puts a good mood in good morning with JAIN alright.

7. On Sunday evening

To remember the sound of the cicadas of the south and the aperitifs between buddies… on the background of MASSILIA SOUND SYSTEM Sunday at Goudes (Thanks bai ^ ^)

8. Romantic dinner feet in the water

To immortalize the restaurant outings or the candle-lit bruschetta evening… here’s the pretty background music we like to hear. BRIGITTE My Intimate Stranger

9. Wallace, it’s dumpling

The little rap that brings joy to the impressive flow of the virtuoso EDDY of PRETTO Mamère

10. BONUS: Coco Reggae

For every day and have the smile is of course VANUPIE Color Blind.

Good listening and feel free to share your sounds of the moment in comment!

Good Vibes ^^

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