Like all good digital nomads, we took with us a whole armada of tools, applications, and gadgets of all kinds. There are good, indispensable, vital, but also some that are absolutely useless:D We did the sorting for you.
Here is a list of our best tools for digital nomad.


The material of the perfect digital Nomad


For those who have the habit of reading us, one is a little plugged Apple 🍎. So we’re both equipped with MacBook Pro.
Beyond the eternal debate: “Apple is too expensive”, “Microsoft it bugg all the time”… We found our happiness. Relatively light and uncluttering we opted for the 15-inch models. They fit perfectly into our Daypacks and we can walk them everywhere.

To avoid having the back and cervical in bulk (which is a very common evil in digital nomads) we invested in the winning trio:

  • a support to elevate the Mac and put the screen to good author. Do not think it is superfluous, it is IN-DIS-PEN-sand. And besides, it doesn’t take a place.
  • an Apple keyboard
  • a trackpad (a mouse also does the trick)

The external hard drive

The external hard drive is super important whether you are digital nomadic or not. It allows you to just have an up-to-date backup (think about making TimesMachines regularly) deported from your main source: your computer. In addition to the necessary storage space, when travelling, there is an additional constraint to consider: solidity! A hard drive does not like the movement at all and I made the costs with my first DDE… So we invested in a proven brand: LaCie with 2TB of storage:
LaCie 2 TB hard drive

Find the list of our complete equipment in our article on: How to fill his bag of world tour?

External battery

Whether you are in a ballad or simply without electricity, the battery has already served us more than once! The one I chose allows up to 4 full reloads of Smartphone. 2 USB ports. It saves life!
ANKER 13 000mAh external battery

Helmet Audio

Perhaps the most indispensable after the computer… It’s an audio headset that cancels out the outside sounds. To regain calm and concentration in the middle of a fastfood with a school bus arrival, it is frankly the ideal! Small Tip: it costs very expensive, but does not skimp on the means, the quality is very important as much for comfort as for efficiency.
headphones Bose QC 35 II

Tools and applications for digital Nomad

To communicate

Slack : [free]
Is it really necessary to present it… Exchange platform in a group or private way. All large companies or almost use it. I do the day before, I stay in contact with my former colleagues, I am subjects that interests me… In short a must have.

WhatsApp : [free]
Redeemed by a small startup in the sweet name of Facebook, this app serves us essentially to exchange with our families and our friends. Ideal for video calls too. Namely: there is a desktop version that is very useful.

Free : [paid]
Not frankly an app, but rather a choice of operator. Free accompanies us all over the world and covers a large part of the globe. For example, you can enjoy unlimited calls to France in New Zealand. The top and for €19.90/month

Antidote : [paying]
Communicating is good, no fault it’s better! Antitdote is the best spell checker we could test. It integrates perfectly with all your tools, corrects you as well on the background as on the form, alerts you when you forget to join a PJ when you put in your mail “I join you in PJ…”, and lots of other cool stuff! Price is not given, but frankly it’s worth it. €99
Antidote 10 for Mac and PC

To travel

Health : [free]
This is a basic installed application on IoS. Besides the advantage of being able to follow its daily efforts, there is a small feature that could well save your life. It is the medical ID part that lists the vital necessities in case of problems (emergency contact, allergies, blood type etc…). Once your iPhone has locked anyone can see this information by sliding on “medical ID”.

XE currency : [free]
The ultimate currency converter. Simply.

Google maps : [free]
Everyone or almost knows Google map. But why was it put on this list? Simply because in addition to its very precise card, it embarks the possibility of downloading zones offline! And that, in the deep end of Myanmar, is frankly useful.

Wunduerground : [free]
It is a weather application that we discovered far too late… It gives the weather (and Yes…) but it also allows you to enter all your ideal criteria for a given activity and informs you when the best moment will come. It is used a lot for the hiking for example. You can also be alerted XX time before the rain falls on you.

Google Snapseed : [free]
This is the best free app we’ve found to do post-prod on photos. It is possible to apply filters fairly classically, but also to make the retouching much finer and quite simple. There is also light room mobile app.

To work

Purevpn : [paid]
Security when you hold us… We will never be too careful, but a VPN when you are digital Nomad seems important to me. This is used to make you “invisible” on public networks, but also to bypass security related to restrictions of geographical areas (#censure). PureVPN has the advantage of offering an offer with a fixed IP that allows me to connect to secure servers.

Imageoptim : [free]
A small tool to put in your toolbar fixed on your desktop. Drag and drop your images, and these will be automatically compressed to the maximum without damaging the quality. No more 4Mb photos on your website or blog.

Note : [free]
Native IoS app, it allows you to make a multitude of taking notes, to share them, to create endless, but most importantly: to scan your documents cleanly with your phone. And this, we love! (click “+” and then “scan a document”)
In the same style, there is IScanner for Android and IOS:

Lastpass : [free]
“123456”, “password”, “QWERTY” or “Welcome” is over…. It is not safe for a penny and it is even dangerous. If you have like me, a goldfish memory and you are unable to retain more than 3 secure passwords, LastPass is the solution. It generates secure passwords and stores them in your vault.

Sellandsign : [paid]
Digital Nomad is also freeing up the paperwork. Sell and sign allows your customers to sign your business proposals and have legal value in the eyes of the law. No more paper shipments, quotes, contracts, etc…

Facture.NET : [free]
The ideal tool to best manage your invoices and quotes, but also your customers. CRM and billing, everything is there for digital nomads. To have tested several, this is the simplest we have found.

Bidsketch : [paying]
Making commercial proposals is a bit of a freelance everyday life. Word, pages, or keynote? Forget it, with Bidsketch it’s much simpler and surely more stylish ^^

Quick time : [free]
To make a customer demo like there you were there. Thanks to the screen video + voice over, you can record testimonials, a FAQ or even make a tutorial. Simple and efficient;)

Quick go pro : free
For the express fixtures. The application is also available on desktop.

Cream of cream : [free]
Freelance community, cream of the cream puts you in contact with professionals and you propose many missions. Their application is rather well made and allows to be alerted of the novelties.

To relax

Neon Le Mag : [paying]
Ultra fan of this magazine, they have developed an app that allows you to enjoy a relaxing reading remotely. The subjects are wide and varied. I love + + + +

Babbel : [paid]
The reference application to learn a foreign language. I was quite septic at first, but I must confess that she helped me well for English. The exercises are quite well done and varied and the levels are variable. The only defect, the price: €13/month

Kindle : [paid]
Do you like to read? The Kindle is made for you! On a trip we could not take all our books, let alone buy new ones. On the other hand with the Kindle, it’s much simpler! Small tips: we also use a lot for tourist guides, and with the Smartphone app we have our guide to the backwater on Kindle, iPhone and computer;)
Kindle Paperwhite – now waterproof

Twil : [free]
One of our little pleasures while traveling is to taste the wines of the country that welcomes us. And the best way we have found to remember our tastings is the Twil (the wine I love) app! A photo of the label and the trick is played.

Tools to share, applications you can no longer spend? Share them with us in comment;)

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