This article is not an enith Roadtrip itinerary in New Zealand. There are some very good ones on the Lonely Planet or the excellent summarized video of Brut. It’s a road trip that combines van, nature, and MacBook.

You are skeptical about a perfect Alliance of: van + nature + Mac ?

And yet believe us, it is possible! We have completed a 2-month roadtrip in New Zealand, while continuing our freelancers activities in computer and digital marketing development.

New Zealand-map

How to organise a Roadtrip with its nomadic digital activity?

The logistics of a road trip is somewhat different when you are digital nomads, especially in a country where there are more sheep than locals! Here is our method for planning our trip.

1 # job days

We reserve the first two days of the week at work. In fact, it is useful to join our customers on Monday to start the week and to advance in autonomy thereafter. The weekend is often calmer and allows to MOP in more distant areas or to work without necessarily needing the Internet.

So we decided to drop points in the main cities of the country every week. You will see on our map the main cities where we worked.

Coworking-New Zealand

For the time difference, 12h is frankly complicated! We did the utmost to have a blanket on the evening of21H and 23h (9am to 11am French time). But we do not hide that we have happened several times to make pro calls in situations rather bizarre…

2 # WiFi, thank you free

Free offers a package which covers many countries around the world. We therefore subscribed to the subscription to 1€9.99 for 25gb of Internet per month and unlimited communications to and from France. The network coverage is very good in New Zealand around the cities and even sometimes at the top of a mountain for an impromptu call (true story 😄)

3 # an army of cables!

You might as well tell us that our van is a bit like the cockpit of Armageddon’s flagship!!! We have a cigarette lighter connection + a triple cigarette lighter connection, on which is plugged a dual USB socket port + a 220 V converter for PCs + an external battery. To this, we add the iPhone cables, the one for the GoPro, the battery…

4 # the coworkings, but not that

There are plenty of places where it is possible to work in New Zealand. The Coworking are little frequented by the digital Nomad so you are usually very well received and people are delighted to Exchange on your trip. However, there are other good places to work for free:

  • bookstores (free with WiFi and tranquility)
  • fast food (sometimes noisy but WiFi is excellent)
  • the I-sites (these are the local tourist offices). It is sometimes necessary to pay $2 NZ for a power outlet.
  • Laundon ! (and Yes, some offer the high-speed Internet while its washing machine rotates).

Are there any white areas ?

Actually, on the roads and in the remote corners, do not rely on your 3G connection in New Zealand. In the South Island, areas where there is little or no 3G coverage are:

  • Milford Sound
  • The Catlins
  • All very mountainous areas like Mount Cook.

As the North Island has less terrain, you will benefit frombetter network coverage .

Our 15 favourite destinations

Because after work, there is the journey, we have been amazed every day by the splendor of these Islands (especially the South ^^). Here is a list not of each of our destinations, but rather of our favorites and activities that have totally charmed us.

1 # Kaikoura, meeting with a swimming pool of baby seals

A unique spectacle in the wilderness with these animals so curious and players. We have written a full article about the Canterbery and its region.

2 # Geraldine, a night head in the stars

Meet Peter, an amateur astronomer, relay for NASA. You will discover the constellations to the stethoscope in a deep and magical black.


3 # a shower at tekapo Lake, hypnotized by the turquoise waters

After an incredible Road between Géraldine and Lake tekapo, you can admire these waters of glaciers of an indigo blue.


5 # the primitive forest of the Catlins

After braved the storm on the nuggets Islandslighthouse, sink into the rainforest humide to admire the famous New Zealand fern.

6 # the road between Te Anau and Milford

Raise your head to observe the red feathers of the Keas and admire the immensity of the cliffs when arriving in Milford Sound.

7 # stroll along Lake Wanaka

It’s a nice place to live in this Lakeside Town.


8 # observe the Franz Josef Glacier in a free fall


9 # admire the sunset of Okarito (while watching the Kiwis ^^)

Okarito-New Zealand

10 # walking on the endless sand desert over Tasman Park (Puponga)

a. puponga

11th # getting lost in the vineyards of Malborough


12 # climb the Lord of the rings volcano and admire the emeralds Lakes and the steaming water geysers

Tongariro National Park.

13 # see a genuine Haka Maori and feel the energy that emerges from it


14 # go back in time with the old collection cars on the Coromandel peninsula (old fashion week, end of March)


15 # attending a rugby match in the Temple of the ovalie: Eden Park

Rugby-New Zealand

Budget of the road trip in New Zealand

Budget €25/day/persons (accommodation, food, recreation)-excluding airfare, purchase of the van and jump in free Shush

Van purchase : between $2500 and $3500 NZ

Combining travel and road trip work in New Zealand is therefore possible for two digital nomads. It is even a unique experience that is warmly recommended. With a little organization, you can experience unforgettable moments and make your customers travel with you. Come on, start and remember well: in New Zealand the road are different;-)

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