Studies predict that self-employment will soon be the norm. 50 jobs in the US are already freelance.

It is therefore likely that you will soon be affected by this new mode of work. There are many ways to start in self-entrepreneur, some easier than others. If you have chosen to start and tr workin digital Nomad abroad, this article is made for you. I share the particularities, the pitfalls and especially the opportunities to embark as a freelance but “remotely”.

In 2020 there will be more independents in the world than employees

prediction of gene Zaino, the Managing Director of MBO parteners, a platform for the linking of freelancers and companies.

#1 pass the course and the French administration before leaving!

Behind freelancing, there is business creation including self-contractor status. Before doing the paperwork, I wanted to leave and give myself time to find missions, to test several jobs before I started. However, on wise advice, I decided to ride my self-business before leaving without even knowing what I wanted/could do.

My recommendation : to do this administrative part before leaving. That will not shut you down in a way. By indicating “service delivery” you keep a very wide scope of missions.

The creation of theAuto-entrepreneurstatus

Don’t have any unnecessary fears… Honestly the approach of declaring its activity of self-entrepreneur is very simple and you are very well guided on the site of the public service and the space dedicated to the self-entrepreneurs. Simply fill out an online form and send it to the formalities Center of the place where you create your business. All the steps can be done remotely and in 2H.

A step by step tutorial to become freelance writer here.

Locating your business: for a digital Nomad it’s not easy. This address does not matter if you have to be able to receive mail and you will have to pay a fee for this “local professional” from the second year, even if you do not occupy it. Since 2019, any company that realizes less than €5000 of CA is exempt. For others this will be the minimum that you will be charged according to your CA

Tax and social obligations of the micro-enterprise

It’s a little more complicated on this side but there are 4 important notions to note in his diary.


  • once a year – in septembre for tthe first time >IMPÔTS REVENUS >selon votre déclaration de Chiffre d’Affaire basé sur le revenu de mai (formulaire CERFA 2042 C pro et 2042 classique)
  • once a year – before the 31/12 >tax on premises>complete the CFE exemption form (1447 C) before the 31/12 of the year of your activity launch to avoid paying the first year
  • Daily>accountancy> you are required to keep a simplified accounting (receipts collected/purchases made). A simple Excel file can be be enough or an automatic billing tool.
  • Every month or >social>quartermake your turnover statement for payment of social security charges (even if your sales tax is nil)

Tips: use the URSSAF auto-entrepreneur mobile app to realize and pay your declarations, it’s very convenient especially in nomadism.

To understand what taxes you have to pay and when, I invite you to watch this video which is rather clear for an unpassionate bookkeeping topic !

Is nomadism made for me?

The last course (or even the first ^^) is whether this lifestyle of freelance and digital Nomad will please you. We give you keys to conduct your own reflection in our article: become digital Nomad?

2 # create your identity, Choose your job

That’s about when it all starts. And above all, thousands of questions will arise to you:

  • That amI ?
  • How do I summarize my experience? (with 4 companies in 7 years in my case)
  • What are my areas of expertise?
  • What are my passions?

You will then feel like you are down the mountain and have to build everything. That’s kind of the case! Expect to close schizophrenia after writing 50 presentations/adaptations/declinations of your profile. 😱But it is the law of applications from abroad or remotely. Your presentation and your applications are your only weapons.

  • Start by materializing who you are. I work in design so I was able to create my visual identity. You can very easily do the same and create eye-catching visuals on Crello for example or canva without any graphic skill.
  • Marketing your offer : what do you do, how to find you?
  • Give confidence : indicate your company number, specify your payment terms.
A headband for platform headers
A custom signature
  • Write a presentation of yourself that will be the skeleton. Just leave your linked in. Then, adapt there depending on the platform and especially depending on your prospect as soon as you apply. I systematically customized my applications at the beginning and that’s what worked.

In your opinion, which of the two descriptions will most make the customer want to work with you? (And make him feel that you are interested in his project)

3 # create your network, exploit the right platforms

The best course to embark on freelance is to start in a city where we have network, former colleagues and employers, and actively participate in conferences, networking events etc…

Nicolas treats this topic in detail in this article: “how to do marketing, become known as a freelance”?

When you start remotely in digital nomadism, it’s a completely different approach. But finally, we have to go back to the same fundamentals.

  • STEP 1-capitalizing on its hard core: family and friends. Let Facebook know what you’re doing. You can imagine that everyone knows about your projects. Yet you will see people in your Entourage show up at the announcement of your Freelancecomme launch if they had never known what you are working on. “Oh, Yes? But do you know how to make flyers? “It’s rarely the plans of the century, but we never know!
  • Step 2-mobilize its close professional network : its former employers, partners, providers, trainees etc…
  • Step 3-inform his extended professional network, on linked in this is the simplest. When you have all the legal aspects and you are able to make an invoice, talk to your entire network. I was amazed to see the power of linked in with almost 8 000 views from my post (I have about 900 contacts)!
  • STEP 3-to attack the platforms. There are a multitude of them. I advise you to prioritize the best known to start. For quality missions and long term means: malt (less suitable for work in remote) and cream of the cream. For day tasks or small contracts (useful for starting and Roding his speech and processes):,, Personalize your profile and add your experiences.
  • STEP 4-go to conquer the world! Expand the possibilities by applying on international platforms. It is a real asset when working abroad. In addition the Anglo-Saxon and especially in the United States are much more open to work in remote. They offer highly qualified and interesting missions. and upwork. Lesser known,

For more platforms ideas (rather for designers) here is a nice article written on the subject:

Remember to animate regularly on your news. Did you participate in an event? You want your wishes, the time of a small assessment on your successes?

Finally, there are many useful communities and documentation on the subject of digital nomadism:

4# Faut-il tout accepter ?

Sur cette question, les sensibilités seront différentes chez chaque personne, toutefois, pour ma part, j’ai considéré au démarrage que toute expérience pouvait être formatrice. Les petites commandes du début rassurent car elle permettent de travailler. Pour l’anecdote, j’ai rédigé des footer SEO pour un site de vêtements foot sans être passionnée par le sujet. Par contre, j’ai atteint ma limite éthique le jour où j’ai postulé pour de la création de fiche produit pour des slips masculins !

C’est évidemment plus fluide et agréable de choisir des sujets qui nous plaisent comme pour ma part, le marketing digital, le management ou encore le voyage.

Concernant le niveau de qualité à fournir, je pense qu’il faut aussi adapter ses efforts en fonction du client :

  • mettre les bouchées doubles et soigner les clients récurrents
  • être moins perfectionniste et plus efficace sur les commandes one shot via une plateforme

Lorsqu’on devient freelance, tous les outils et méthodologies réconfortantes et confortables qu’on utilisait dans sa précédente entreprise disparaissent. Cela peut paraître effrayant au début mais c’est aussi l’occasion d’avoir une totale liberté pour créer ses propres livrables. Quelques exemples :

  • choisir un outil de facturation, également pour ses propositions commerciales (
  • créer un template de cahier des charges
  • un reporting type d’animation social media
  • choisir un outil de collaboration avec ses clients : Slack / Skype / InVision

Pour trouver les bons outils, consultez le très bon article d’ sur les Outils indispensables et gratuits du micro-entrepreneur.

5# Comment garder du lien social ?

Le mythe du surfeur designer solitaire ou du geek au fond de son garage n’existe pas. Un freelance et avant tout un humain et un être social. En choisissant ce mode de travail, l’enjeu est d’équilibrer la “perte” de l’environnement auquel vous aviez naturellement accès en entreprise. Il existe de nombreux moyen d’y arriver.

Les réseaux sociaux et outils collaboratifs

Je vais souvent sur Linkedin pour voir les évolutions de chacun, pour prendre des nouvelles et commenter des actualités de mon réseau. Au hasard de discussion avec d’anciens managers, on peut parfois décrocher de jolis contrats.

Il existe de nombreuses communautés de Freelance également. Elles permettent de consulter des questions que l’on se posent tous, de partager des galères ou encore des opportunités business. La communauté de Crème de la Crème (groupe Facebook privé) est le parfait exemple d’un réseau engagé où on se sent libre de participer et échanger.

Les outils de communication sont également de bons moyens de rester connectés. Skype pour les échanges, Slack pour les flux thématiques pour la veille, Facebook messenger et Whatsapp pour les messages rapides du quotien.

En travaillant à distance, on apprend aussi à faire sa veille en remote. Par exemple, je reçois souvent des sollicitations sur Linkedin pour tester des outils ou des plateformes. Je joue le jeu et cela me permet de rester en lien avec les innovations sans pour autant participer physiquement à des salons, des meet up ou des afterwork networking.

Pour la concentration et éviter le mal du pays, travaillez au son de la Playlist du Digital Nomad !

Les Coworkings

Les coworking sont un excellent vecteur de sociabilité. Que vous y restiez un mois comme pour nous au Dojo Bali ou bien juste une journée en “Hot desk” comme à Dunedin, vous êtes certain de voir du monde et de faire de belles rencontres. Chaque espace de travail est différents et le freelances ou digital nomad sur place seront tous dans des métiers et des situations différentes. Cela créé la richesse de ces lieux où l’ambiance est propice à la concentration et à la créativité.

6 # How to create a routine and adapt to nomadism?

When you become a digital Nomad, the idea of 9am-7pm in a well-heated and bright office moves away… to give way to the freelance image the foot in the pool his Mac Pro on the knees. Let’s say the truth lies in the middle of these two “clichés”.

The digital Nomad framework

It is not necessarily your Office that counts it is a set of things that creates an atmosphere conducive to work. Quiet, good posture and especially… a good Internet connection! With this magical formula, a laundromat at 9am can potentially turn into a dream place to work. Prefer libraries, cafes and corworking. A good list of coworking and coffees is available on Nomad list.

A key point: to be in good conditions during telephone exchanges. This is the biggest issue especially for appointments with prospects. This can be a crippling for the customer (and we understand it), if he does not hear you, that your connection cuts or that people howl behind you! Skype rooms exist in all coworkin. Also invest on a good soundproofing sound headset.

Freelance’s schedule

When starting as an independent, it is essential to re-create a work routine. The challenge of working remote as a digital Nomad is the time difference. The ideal is to choose countries in a distance of 6 to 8h of maximum offset.

This offers the advantage of having a very productive morning without being polluted with emails and solicitation. The afternoon is dedicated to the call, meeting and exchanges on the productions. We had this operation in Bali which was very appreciative.

You still have questions or want to talk? Write a comment!

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