A question comes up often when we talk about Bali: The cost of living in Bali, affordable for a Digital nomad? Some will tell you that life is not expensive, and others like theForbes site article will tell you that it is more and more expensive. So, to make everyone agree, I will try to be as exhaustive as possible and give you the real prizes. 🙂


To know the price of your accommodation, there are three important parameters to consider: The type, the time spent and the place. You will obviously not pay the same price, if you are in a hotel or in a room in shared guest House, or if you stay one night or 2 months…

We booked our first 2 nights in a very nice little hotel in Sanur, on the east coast of Bali. The booking was made via Agoda.com (the booking of Asia) for the first night. Whenever possible, you are advised to always go live with the people on site. You can negotiate and sometimes win a lot! Here in this case the manager did not want to bother, and asked us to repeat the reservation on Agoda.com for the next night. Bali Life Villa Hostel

Bali, Sanur
1 night + Pickup Airport: $14 (200 000RP)

Then we also made a pretty original hotel on a concept of “capsule”. Economical Solution, it is not ideal to stay long in my opinion. You are in parts of 4/8/16 capsules that are closed only by opaque curtains. The style is a bit the same as a youth hostel. Borough Capsule Hostel , Seminyak.

Bali, Seminyak
1 night in hotel capsule double bed + Breakfast: $13 (185 000RP)

Afterwards we spent a week in a really nice little hotel in Dalung. The room was really big, the team very nice, and a succulent omelet was prepared every morning:). The Paica Hostel

Bali, Dalung
1 night in Hotel + Breakfast: $12 (180 000RP)

Finally we stayed for a month in GuestHouse in Canggu. We had a large room/bathroom/toilet with a nice swimming pool and a great common area to cook and chill out quiet.

Bali, Dalung
1 night GuestHouse: $10 (150 000RP)


count between $10 and $13 at night. 

Our advice you are reiterated is really to go directly on site See your future hosts, the negotiations are really simpler. And if you stay more than a month the Négos will be all the easier. Attention however to the scams: never pay all your stay time at once (you will be asked). This is the best way to not see anyone afterwards if you have a problem.

Eating and drinking

You have to know one thing, in Bali it is often more expensive to make food than to go to the Little Warung (Bistro) of the corner. In addition, you have in my opinion two types of restoration:

The “real” restaurants. You will only meet almost all foreigners, and the prices are significantly more expensive:

Nasi Goreng: $3.40 (50 000RP)
Grilled Fish: $5.40 (80 000RP)
Burger: $5.10 (75 000RP)

Large beer BINTANG: $2.9 (42 000RP)
Local Wine: $29.70 (450 000RP)
Fresh fruit Juice: $1.88 (28 000RP)
Water: $0.68 (10 000RP)
Coffee: $1.95 (30 000RP)

Local restaurants. Often smaller, with less “frills”, the locals go regularly and the prices are… Local:

Nasi Goreng: $1.37 (20 000RP)
Grilled Fish: $3 (45 000RP)
Local dish: $0.68 (10 000RP)

Large beer BINTANG: $1.94 (30 000RP)
Fresh fruit Juice: $1.37 (20 000RP)
Water: $0.50 (8 000RP)
Balinese coffee: $0.68 (10 000RP)


Count between $0.68 and $2.50 for a local meal 
and less than $5 for a good restaurant.

A little tip: If prices are not displayed (which is often the case in small Warung, ask for the price before ordering. Otherwise, seeing that you are not local, they have a habit of charging a little more price at the end. 😏


There are several places where you can work without problems. You have to know that Bali is not the land of Digital nomads for nothing. You’ll have internet almost everywhere! From the smallest hotel lost in the rice paddies to the restaurant of the corner of 3M2, they carry a cult to the Internet, and that’s good for us. Well let’s say it anyway, the connection is not crazy everywhere. Just do a flow test before you ask.

In your GuestHouse, it’s included in the price, it’s free, and it’s often comfort! We’re valid. 🙃

Work in your hotel or guesthouse: free

In your favorite restaurant, or local bar, take a small coffee or juice squeezed and you can work quietly and enjoy the WiFi connection. The advantage is that you can choose and change places (at the beach, in the rice paddies, at the top of the volcano ^^…).

Working at the restaurant: a fruit juice

In a coworking or a dedicated space. Usually you pay at the time spent. There are two big coworkings in Bali and a lot of others a little less known. For more details, you can check out our article on the coworkinging Dojo

We chose the 100h package for the month that we agreed $120 (1 800 000 RP)

1 month Bali Dojo, Canggu Unlimited: $200.00 (2 950 000RP)
1 month Hub in Ubud Unlimited: $217.00 (3 200 000RP)
1 Month Unlimited Hub Lineup: $148.00 (2 200 000RP)


Living in Bali and working there as Digital Nomad can easily be free, 
But will cost you on average $183.00 (2 700 000RP) per month


Good… I’m not going to spread out on “the Organized jungle of transport in Bali” but you will have understood it, you can move in several ways more or less…. perilous!

Regarding the methods to negotiate transport effectively in Bali I also let you read our article quoted just above:)

Scoopy Scooter
Our magnificent scoopy 😎 scooter
On foot: free but risky ^^
Bike: $1.40 (20 000RP)/day
Scooter: $4 (60 000RP)/day or $47.50 (700 000RP)/month
Go-Jek (Uber Balinese): approx. $1.68 (21 000RP) for 5km
Blue Taxi (Bali official taxi): often 2 to 3 times more expensive than Go-Jek


For your daily trips, you will soon realize that the scooter is indispensable… We tried to hold on without, but really it’s hard ^^.

Count $47.5 (700 000RP) per month for your scooter.


Want to go do some surfing? Or a little full body massage of 1 hour and a half maybe? Or a small cultural visit to the GWK Park ? All this is possible while traveling to Bali!

Surf Board Rental: $3.43 (50 000RP) for 2 hours
Surf Course (beach Edge) + Location: $23.70 (350 000RP) for 2 hours
Full body Massage: $8.00 (120 000RP) for 90 min
Visit of GWK Park: €8.50 (125 000RP)
Visit of a temple: $2 (30 000RP)
Scuba Diving: $33.20 (500 000RP) or more expensive depending on the centre


Finally, the cost of living in Bali suits us very well. There are all tastes and scholarships.
From$1.37 (20 000RP) for small temples to $33.20 (500 000RP) for a nice dive.

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