When we landed in Bali, we were immediately curious to see a big mushroom coming out on the peninsula of the island… Without being able to distinguish it, we actually saw the GWK Cultural Park.

Then from the beach of Semyniak, the same, one imagined in the distance a huge building alone and exceeding at least 100m all the other buildings nearby (finally, there are few buildings in Bali ^^)

It didn’t take any more to decide to go through this mystery…

Visit the Park

So we arrived on a Sunday morning at the Cool (8h) to visit this park. This is the Bali Cultural Park Or GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park) dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu and his mount Garuda, the mythical bird that became his companion. When you enter the park, you cannot miss this monument: the statue measures 120 m, a beautiful blue colour integrating it into the sky and the clouds. It was made of copper and brass. It took 25 years to build it!!!

Discover the Park
GWK Bali Park
In front of the statue

Before reaching the largest statue, you will come across the immense bust of Wisnu, the head of Garuda real grandeur and other gardens and fountains. Let’s be clear the main status really takes over the rest, but the charm of the place (without tourist!) remains very nice to stroll. You will walk in impressive trenches of more than 20 m, in Zen Gardens and in the middle of the Balinese savannah.

It feels very small… It is quiet (Sunday at 8am before the arrival of the buses of tourist chi…) and a music accompanies you during the visit.

All day, free shows take place in the amphitheatre at the entrance to the park. The programme: Music, Indonesian dance, and local curiosities. Although the musicians do not look happy to be there, the dancers are beautiful. It’s a little disturbing because they only dance with their huge hands and their Walkman eyes.

No doubt that this place will become a stronghold of mass tourism: only 20 minutes from the airport and with the shopping center planned just under the statue 😱! Go ahead before it’s too late, it’s worth a peek ^^

The entrance fee

The entrance fee for the GWK Cultural Park is 125 000 Rp to date about €7. It’s expensive, it’s cheap, the debate packs the canvas. We found it really nice to do, it takes 2h, and you can enjoy the whole day if you want the shows of the Amphi (you will not hold all day, but still, it is possible). In + you have an original tea offered on the panoramic restaurant. It’s up to you to judge;)


Jimbaran Beach is only 10 minutes away. You can go to the fish market before (around 6am) and eat a good lobster with your feet in the water afterwards! (Tested and approved-thanks vero)

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