Morgane 30 years old, passed from leader of a young start’up full of future to Digital Nomad without fixed trajectory! Perhaps this change will seem radical and unreflective. Yet I have experienced it as evidence, continuity of career and especially a unique chance.

5th experiences in … 8 years

To understand this choice, one must first understand my philosophy. I love change and am constantly looking for solutions and new ideas. This led me to seize 4 opportunities in 7 years. I started in the digital thanks to my cousin who trusted me

the days when my friends told me that I did not even know how to do a powerpoint …   The agency

DPSO Conseil was then an expert in webmarketing and I was able to discover the techniques of Black Hat in SEO, animate social networks, create newsletters, make my first banners under photoshop or activate my neurons on Google Analytics.

Then, at Buzznative, I discovered computer development and especially project management. I loved working on digital recommendations and concepts of surprising and offbeat interfaces. I also mounted ambitious activation campaigns with a lot of Facebook Ads and Google Ads. After having wanted to go further, on longer term projects, I did digital consulting in Paris at Niji. Quickly integrated into a start’up, I piloted the launch of new mobile applications and service o ces in a happy team of designers, developers and support services.

At ease with the world of major banking groups, I seized the opportunity to become a manager of a team of product owners at regional department of Crédit Agricole. During this last year, the caisse had entrusted me with the launch of a start’up capital of 500 000 euros with stakes development in real estate. Beautiful opportunities were waiting for me in a group that I particularly appreciated for its human values and its possibilities of evolution.

I left an ideal situation, I wanted more

I am an ENTA (for those who do not know: this corresponds to a “type” according to 4 criteria of the MBTI personality test).



Always looking for renewal, I decided to live this experience not to leave a situation or a job that I did not like, but rather because I felt that something even more interesting could happen to me. When Nicolas told me about his project (working in digital nomad in New Zealand), I found it “exotic”. In fact, this project quickly germinated in my head, until I became clear:

  • I had never dreamed of going around the world, HOWEVER I love travel and discovery.
  • I had never wanted to live abroad, HOWEVER I would have liked to speak English fluently.
  • I did not know how to work alone, without a team, HOWEVER I was already working independently as an entrepreneur.
  • I did not know how to let go and not control my life like my projects, and HOWEVER I was about to plunge into the unknown

The year of his 30 years necessarily leads to look at his career but especially his future and make choices for oneself and of which we are intimately convinced, even by a mere intuition. Where do I want to be? Am I fulfilled? Are there any projects that I have not implemented? What are my priorities in life? … It took me a week to be convinced to the point of not going back. I also wanted to live this experience and share it with two.


Once the decision was made, it was not easy to announce it in my company. A World Tour project first smiles, is not serious, is not necessarily in the corporate culture, gives the impression of making a “whim” or to pass one’s personal happiness before one’s professional interests . Yet all the reactions I had were kind and gay.

Many people can identify themselves and see a choice they would have liked to make at the same time. What a relief I felt seeing the welcome, the understanding and the incredible support of my colleagues, my manager and the management team. Finally, it was in my head that I had been fed with fear and a feeling of “betrayal”. But these three months before my departure finally only confirmed and made tangible and coherent my project. A departure is anticipated and nobody is irreplaceable. I completed my project with an unwavering commitment and left my company on very good terms (I even had a good for a right of return “from my CEO on the day of my starting pot).

digital nomad
digital nomad

Make a big jump! Do not be afraid of the judgment of others. The hardest judge is yourself

Be Digital Nomad : YES, but a world turn in 80 days : NO

This project was tailor-made for several reasons:

  • firstly because I trusted my partner to magnify the good times and support me in the bad ones. then because I liked the idea of staying one or more months in each country (instead of going for a visit race).
  • lastly because my job fascinates me and that it allowed me to continue to exercise it in another dimension NB: especially because this choice was anything but what one could have expected from me and that it is important to reinvent itself.

Then there is the reality. And I had to wonder at length:

  • what jobs can I do at a distance with my career?
  • What do I like to work on a Sunday without considering being a job?

I have always loved the design without specializing it. I have worked in digital marketing and the design of new innovative offers for 7 years. And I particularly loved the design thinking approach with which I had just worked. Mix all this and add a pinch of pepper to find my way: I wanted to become UX / UI designer. I knew that this specialization would take time. And I was ready to also do odd jobs in the restaurant or sale if necessary. I left without fear because digital is a buoyant sector so when I left my company, I did not feel in a situation of fear or precariousness. I was convinced that I could find an opportunity later.

I sold my apartment and my car, placed my savings and built a kitty dedicated to travel. I knew that it would take a little time before my first freelance customers. I left with 8 000 € and the intention to return with 8 001 €!

And now what?

I crossed areas of doubt.

  • Hard to leave a company you love, with cool and warm colleagues, for loneliness in front of your computer.
  • Hard to leave responsibilities and strategic stakes to fetch article writing orders for over-footwear …
  • It’s hard to leave family and friends and all the highlights that we will not attend …

And yet I have no regrets. And even if there are gaps, for sure, I can say today that I love this life at 300%.

  • I love my freedom: that of creating my everyday life, that of undertaking
  • I like to live in the nature that surrounds us and to recharge my batteries in incredible landscapes
  • I like the new encounters that we make every day, even ephemeral, which we open the mind.
  • I like to see people working, talking, living, and inspiring me
  • I do not want to plan every hour of my day and let myself be surprised (though I like to know where I’ll be in 1 month ^^)

I do not do not know if this choice of life will please everyone. On the other hand I know that everyone can decide to do it and get there.

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