Everyone’s talking about this: zero waste, zero wasted, zero plastic. No more nomadic travelers in the world can deny having been confronted with land and marine pollution.

Are you committed and eco-responsible for that much? It’s not safe. And we the first:-(

While we are aware of environmental issues, we have not changed our way of life (if not for selective sorting perhaps). Then, little by little in our journey and during its preparation, we made decisions.

Zero Waste

It was first for the practical side and then it became a way of life.

Far from being at zero waste (we dare not lie to you ^^), we have selected a maximum of reusable accessories. We have acquired automation that allows us to limit our impact on the environment today.

If this can give good ideas to other Digital Nomads eco-Responsible, then this paperless article in the summer useful;-)

How to kill plastic without awareness of local populations?

From the beginning of our trip, we were saddened to see the number of rubbish in Bali. To diagram very vulgarly, this is what we understood from this damaging environmental spiral. It was the developed countries that brought the famous plastic box of lunch.

Before, the Balinese ate on a banana leaf and then threw it into the wild. The banana leaf has been replaced by the plastic box but without any sensitization. As a matter of fact, the plastic box is thrown in the same way in nature.

It is not possible to say that there is no environmental action on the island. The Association 4 OCEAN is very present in Bali. We see armies of volunteers picking up the plastics on the beach.

However, the problem unfortunately lies well before. The waste is thrown into the gutters and during heavy rains, are dumped directly into the streams to the sea.

Association 4 Ocean

Our “initiatives” to ZERO waste

Without wanting to play the tutors or the exemplary travelers, here are some examples of eco-responsible equipment and attitudes that can inspire backpackers and digital nomads like us to try to reach the zero Waste:

  • ZERO Packaging for alum Stone deodorant for at least one year.
  • ZERO New Garment. We prefer washing clothes rather than redemption. We will give up as we go along with the clothes in second hand stores (the T-shirt offered at the Start’up weekend in Ubud for example).
  • ZERO shower Gel. All-in-one soap and durable packaging: Shampoo/Laundry/shower gel/toothpaste.
  • ZERO Plastic bags, refusing them in stores and markets (foldable bag decathlon).
  • ZERO paper Mail (including those recommended by electronic means). Difficult because the French administration leads us hard life to move to 100% dématerialisé.
  • ZERO plastic water bottle. We have water filtering flasks instead of plastic bottles
  • ZERO pads and sanitary napkins using a menstrual Cup washable for you ladies.
  • ZERO cotton and Cleansing milk packaging, using the washable O2 makeup glove and wearing makeup once a month ^^
  • ZERO paper in our digital working modes (apart from my Moleskine designer;-) but that I will not throw ja-but;-)!)
  • ZERO Printed Reservation (airfare, hotels). Everything is on our phone and it is widely accepted now.
  • ZERO paper book. Our books and even our guide to the Myanmar backpacker sound on Kindle (electronic reading-without blue light or 👍 waves)

The complete list of our accessories is available in these articles:

We know for a fact that the air flights We are going to make during our trip are more than average. This pollution is massive. Perhaps our actions are just a grain of sand…

It is not because it is a grain of sand in an ocean of imondices that we must not change our daily actions.

Two digital Nomads eco-friendly around the world

Comment This article with your tips and good practices of Digital nomads ECO-Responsible! Whatever is possible, we will try to implement it.

Naturally your!

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