New Zealand is not just the Lord of the rings, extreme sports or randos. As a good digital nomads, we have selected the best Coworking in New Zealand. Every week we have found shared workspaces in the country, with more unusual places like a bookstore or a laundromat!

Here is our selection of the best Coworking we have visited.

New Zealand: nature and sharing

The working atmosphere in Coworking is true to New Zealand values. The reception is warm, the exchanges very easy and the modern and comfortable architecture. On the other hand, we are far from the 24/24 of Bali. Here the places are deserted at 5pm and all Coworking do not stay open in non stop.


Welcome to Maōri

Although New Zealand is not known for its digital nomads, there are many ways to find cool places to work.


Innov8, in Dunedin


  • €18 per day (€14 in place “coffee”)
  • €224 per month Mon-Fri (€149 per month in place “coffee”)
  • €254 per month in 24/7


A superb square 300m plateau well arranged in an industrial-style building. It feels good to work even in transit for a day. The big strong point is resolutely his business developer Heidi Renata. A maōri who speaks to you at a thousand times but who animates space and seeks to know each Member. Little more: the shower that can be used for campers!


The schedules... the closing of the doors at 5.30 pm is not ideal for freelancers who work offbeat. But ask Renata, I’m sure she’ll find you a solution:)

Link to the official website of coworking Innov8 in Dunedin


The cell in Wanaka

We thought we’d find a Coworking rather on the Queenstown side. It was a nice surprise when arriving in this very dynamic city. Wanaka is a charming village, on the edge of the Lake, with small shops and restaurants very Kiwi (good atmosphere and warm décor).


  • €15 per day (for a “hot desk”)
  • €69 per week (€90 for a private office)
  • €276 per month (or €262/month for 6 months, €250/month for 12 months)


It is good to live in Wanaka and we can imagine staying longer between Lake and mountains. The rates are interesting and the profiles of freelancers we met also: architects, photographers, and entrepreneurs for launching a community of freelancers…


The atypical premises were the attraction of coworking, the place is now smaller and banal (on the first floor of a shopping centre). In spite of interesting spontaneous exchanges, the atmosphere remains a little too hushed.

Link to the official website of coworking the cell in Wanaka


The Bridge Street collective in Nelson


  • €15 per day (Day pass offered on
  • €287 per month 24/7


In the heart of Nelson, this vast Coworking has a very nice exterior. Clear, bright and spacious, the workspace breathes and inspires. The restaurants and main shops of the city are within a few steps. You can get a free trial day with the site


A lot of senior freelancers and few start’up. The Studio Manager is happy with the owner’s turn without trying to get to know you. Efficient to come to work there, but no more.

Link to the official website of the Coworking the Bridge Street collective in Nelson.

Unusual places



We recommend you to Wellington. The Bookstore is huge, very well equipped and it reigns a dynamism here very inspiring. The entrance is free and free.

Coffee shops

There are many cafés that offer WiFi and where you can stay a whole morning by consuming a little (coffee, tea, snack etc…). There’s only one where you’ll see fried fries on a background of old rap/hip hop. The C1 in Christchurch!



Coffee & Mac morning!

Digital-Nomad-fast food




Only to pass the time and in case of extreme urgency;-)


What are your favorite places?

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