Your world Tour bag is the first purchase to be made to be able to package all your stuff. Good news, we explain everything so you can make the right choice.

Travel with two bags, one to give, the other to receive

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

The World Tour bag model

First of all, you have to know that there are several schools for choosing your World Tour Bag:

  • the School of “chillers”
    will prefer the suitcase : resistant and which allows to fold its business but impossible to carry in particular on sand

  • the “Quechua Ultras”
    will not choose for anything in the world other than their bag of Rando : very comfortable to wear it requires however to go out to fetch the sock that hangs at the bottom.
  • Finally, the “opportunistic backpacker” Experience the hybrid Traveller bag : Suitable for carrying back everything, it also allows to open completely to have a view on the whole business. It has multiple pockets of all sizes to better organize you. Plus, and like on a lot of backpack, you’ll have compression straps to keep your business well and get the most out of the weight of the travel bag. Therefore, it is on the latter that our choice is carried and for the moment, we are not at all disappointed.

The + and-of each model




Comfort for the trek

* * * * *


* * *

Convenient for storage


* * *

* * * * *

Easy to carry (all terrain)

* * *


* * * * *


* * *

* * * * *

* * * *

Weight (empty)

* * *


* *

The size and weight of the bag

In order to choose the size of your travel bag, you must first of all calculate the weight. Indeed, the bigger your bag, the more likely you will be to fill it…

Then use the simple rule of 15% (20% with all of your bags) that allows you to calculate, depending on your body size, both what you can wear, but above all, the weight necessary to preserve your back.

As a result, the total weight of your bag (charged) must not exceed 15% of your weight. Be careful because with your cabin bag or DayPack you will not have to exceed 20%.

  • If you weigh 75 kilos = your bag must be 11 kilos + 4 kg for the Daypack
  • If you weigh 65 kilos = your bag must be 10 kilos + 3 kg for the Daypack

Let’s say it is ^^ theory. About us is a failure. We are more around 26% than 20% but this is not an example to follow. However, in our defense, because of our “status” of digital nomads, it seems to us very complicated to follow this rule (because of the material that weighs heavily).

The bag for her- model Deuter TRAVELLER 60 + 10 L

The bag for him- model Deuter TRAVELLER 70 + 10 L

Bag storage around the world

Our first bag test was first done as we used to tidy up our stuff in a wardrobe… result = Catastrophe (see below, despite the toilet kit and a garment bag that were out, the bag didn’t close at all and it was Ready to explode). So let’s say, it’s not a magic wand that turned it into a compact bag but simply 3 simple bending techniques.

  1. Bags for compartmentalization

First, to easily find your business, take them out and tuck them in without having to fold everything, the bags to compartmentalize are just perfect. And they weigh absolutely nothing. We have for example put all our trousers/shorts/Tshirt in one compartment and underwear in another. Convenient when you arrive at the GuestHouse or in any room, no need to unmake everything.

3 Storage bags NEWFEEL Decathlon $11.44

2. Compression bags

Then there’s the compression bag. It is on the same principle that the duvet bag which reduces volume with the vacuum cleaner (while this one is used without)! This compression bag is very simple to use:

  • First, choose the bulky and hot or cold clothes you will not wear according to the season
  • Then fold them into the bag
  • Third, close the bag and crush it to get the air out
  • Finally, once emptied of its area, close the valve and enjoy;-)

Result: guaranteed space saving and optimized storage!

25L FORCLAZ Decathlon compression Waterproof cover $20.59

3. Rolling techniques!

Have you ever made sushi??! If so, then you probably know already do, if not, no panic, we explain. The goal is first to fold the garment, and then to make a nice little roll. It works with everything, so abuse it: t-shirt, jeans, underwear.

Finally, here is a small explanatory video:

Finally with the habit, the bags are easily redone. You probably know Tetris? Well, it’s the same.

Finally, here is the result;-)

Before storing 😱!!!!!
Women's World Tour bag
Result after folding 🤩;-)

It’s your turn to play!

Here you are now ready to choose your bag and go to New Horizons. Whether it’s for a world tour bag or a travel bag, you have the cards in hand. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in a comment, we will be happy to help you. 🙂

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