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The best tools of digital Nomad

Like all good digital nomads, we took with us a whole armada of tools, applications, and gadgets of all kinds. There are good, indispensable, vital, but also some that are absolutely useless:D We did the sorting for you. Here is a list of our best tools for digital nomad. The… Read More

Start freelancing remotely: keys of success

Studies predict that self-employment will soon be the norm. 50 jobs in the US are already freelance. It is therefore likely that you will soon be affected by this new mode of work. There are many ways to start in self-entrepreneur, some easier than others. If you have chosen to… Read More

From career of Executive to a Wanderer’s life …

Morgane 30 years old, passed from leader of a young start’up full of future to Digital Nomad without fixed trajectory! Perhaps this change will seem radical and unreflective. Yet I have experienced it as evidence, continuity of career and especially a unique chance. 5th experiences in … 8 years To… Read More

Working freelance and getting to know each other

How did I manage to work freelance full time without ever having to market a single client? Pillar of the success of your freelance life, the network builds up over time. The ingredients are simple and accessible to all: time, kindness and passion, and a minimum of sociability. Here is… Read More

Become a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad’s life often makes you dream at first glance. The question that comes up regularly when we talk about our experience as workers around the world is often the same: how do you make money while traveling? The answer is often the same: we work:) And here’s how you… Read More

The No-mad playlist!

The music accompanies us everywhere and embellishes each of the highlights of the journey. We wanted to share our Top 10 songs that embody our life of Digital Nomad and our moments of emotion! 1. The departure It’s the moment of joy and excitement. We’ve been thinking, the bag’s locked…. Read More