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Coworking world tour #2 New Zealand

New Zealand is not just the Lord of the rings, extreme sports or randos. As a good digital nomads, we have selected the best Coworking in New Zealand. Every week we have found shared workspaces in the country, with more unusual places like a bookstore or a laundromat! Here is… Read More

The best tools of digital Nomad

Like all good digital nomads, we took with us a whole armada of tools, applications, and gadgets of all kinds. There are good, indispensable, vital, but also some that are absolutely useless:D We did the sorting for you. Here is a list of our best tools for digital nomad. The… Read More

Start freelancing remotely: keys of success

Studies predict that self-employment will soon be the norm. 50 jobs in the US are already freelance. It is therefore likely that you will soon be affected by this new mode of work. There are many ways to start in self-entrepreneur, some easier than others. If you have chosen to… Read More

Round the world of Coworking #1 Bali

Here is the first article in our series “Tour of the World of Coworkings”. For each country, we will let you discover our selection of the best places for digital nomads abroad. Digital Nomads and World Tour are two challenges in its own right. We decided to do both, at… Read More

From career of Executive to a Wanderer’s life …

Morgane 30 years old, passed from leader of a young start’up full of future to Digital Nomad without fixed trajectory! Perhaps this change will seem radical and unreflective. Yet I have experienced it as evidence, continuity of career and especially a unique chance. 5th experiences in … 8 years To… Read More

The Bali Dojo, Coworking & landmark of digital Nomads

Starting a Digital Nomad experience can sometimes be scary. No more frameworks, no geographical connection and professional relations at a distance. In these conditions, finding a place to share and exchange in a pleasant climate is a good way to start the adventure. It is the own of coworkinging. More… Read More