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Explore Bali, route of two nomads

come and live in Bali for two digital nomads it’s possible! It’s even great ^^ no wonder Canggu is the first place in the world for Digital nomads after Nomadlist. When Digital rhymes with Nomad it means that travel and lifestyle are an essential part of the adventure. We landed… Read More

Diving in Bali! Learning and discovering a new world

When we decided to go to Bali, I immediately thought aboutdiving. Novice and with only a few baptisms in the pocket, I did not hesitate long between the most beautiful waters of the world and the municipal swimming pool of Orléans to pass my diving certifications. ^ Nicolas was more… Read More

GWK Cultural Park, the splendor of Bali

When we landed in Bali, we were immediately curious to see a big mushroom coming out on the peninsula of the island… Without being able to distinguish it, we actually saw the GWK Cultural Park. Then from the beach of Semyniak, the same, one imagined in the distance a huge… Read More

Living in Bali, how much does it cost?

A question comes up often when we talk about Bali: The cost of living in Bali, affordable for a Digital nomad? Some will tell you that life is not expensive, and others like theForbes site article will tell you that it is more and more expensive. So, to make everyone… Read More